Happy Meetings for Everyone

We design, develop, and test our products with accessibility in mind so that all users can meet happy.

Accessibility Features

Closed Captioning

Capture every word said with closed captioning. Zoom integrates seemlessly with 3rd party closed captioning providers through our Closed Captioning REST API.

Automatic Transcripts

Facilitate your understanding with automatic transcripts. Transcripts are automatically generated and synchronized to make it easy to search and review meetings recordings.

Keyboard Accessibility

Accomplish all major workflows with ease using a keyboard. Zoom supports Keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation of Zoom features.

Screen Reader Support

Use Zoom without a screen. We follow the latest accessibility standards to ensure that the product is fully accessible to the latest screen readers.

Our Process

At Zoom, we test our products with keyboard-only, and with the latest screen readers. Using knowledge gathered from customer feedback and from our own testing, we train our teams to sustainably build accessible products.

Our products are compliant, with exceptions, with the following standards:

  • WCAG 2.0 AA Standards
  • Revised Section 508 Standards
  • EN 301 549 Accessibility requirements

Accessibility Documents

Revision Date: April 2019


We are continuously identifying gaps where our product does not meet the needs of our users, and working hard to bridge those gaps. For additional support, please email access@zoom.us or open a support ticket at support.zoom.us.